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A37 UNI T CO2 Carbon Dioxide Meter in Pakistan



Technical specifications:

Range Resolution Accuracy
Carbon dioxide 400ppm~5000ppm 1ppm ±(5%rdg + 50ppm) from 400ppm~2000ppm
(at ambient temperature and humidity)
Temperature   -10.0℃~50.0℃ 0.1℃ Typical accuracy: ±1℃
Relative humidity  0%RH~99%RH 1%RH Typical accuracy: ±5%RH (10%RH~90%RH) at 25℃
ABC Automatic baseline correction
Audible and visual alarm
Sensor type NDIR (no-dispersive infrared) CO2 sensor
Response time
Low battery indication
Auto power off <2minutes
Operating temperature 0℃~50℃, 0%RH~85%RH
Storage temperature  -20℃~60℃, 0%RH~95%RH
General Characterisitics
Power 3.7V DC Li-ion battery/ Micro USB charging port
Display 42mm x 65mm
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 195g
Product size 75mm x 55mm x 130mm
Standard accessories Micro USB interface cable
Standard individual packing Gift box, blister, English manual


  • 1 x A37 UNI T CO2 Carbon Dioxide Meter
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable