ARDUINO PRO MINI 328 – 5V16MHZ | Microsolution


ARDUINO PRO MINI 328 – 5V16MHZ in Lahore.




  • Microcontroller
– ATMega328P
  • Circuit Operating Voltage
– 5V
  • Board Power Supply (VIN)
– 5V Regulated Supply
  • Board Power Supply (RAW)
– 6.7 to 12V Unregulated Supply
  • Digital I/O Pins
– 14
  • PWM Channels
– 6
  • UART
– 1
  • SPI
– 1
  • I2C
– 1
  • Analog Input Pins
– 6
  • External Interrupts
– 2
  • DC Current per I/O Pin
– 40mA
  • Flash Memory
– 32KB of which 2KB is reserved by bootloader
  • SRAM
– 2KB
– 1KB
  • Clock Speed
– 16 MHz with External Resonator (0.5% Tolerance)
  • Dimensions
– 18 x 33mm
  • Weight
– Less than 2 grams


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ARDUINO PRO MINI 328 – 5V16MHZ | Microsolution

The Arduino Pro Mini V2 is the next revision of the Arduino Pro Mini, and offers an even simpler design and even smaller components than before, with a secondary 16MHz crystal to boost the power as well. Similarly to the original Pro Mini, this board utilizes an Oatmeal ATMega328P micro controller – albeit half the size of the older version – running at 16MHz alongside the crystal at 5V.While this board is not recommended for beginners, veterans will certainly enjoy the minimalist approach for compact projects with space or budget limitations. In fact, this board offers many of the features that more expensive boards do, but you have to know how to manually activate some of them – while others are only attainable through extra expansions like an FTDI Basic Breakout Board.The other features on this board are also very similar to the previous version, with auto-reset support, on-board power and status LEDs and an improved voltage regulator via the RAW pin. Just remember when running via the RAW pin that the voltage regulator itself will draw about 1.7V, so the minimum recommended supply would instead be 6.7V DC, rather than 5V DC.