Adjustable Automatic Switch Thermostat 12V Temperature Controller Hallroad Lahore


Temperature measurement range is -50-990°C. Digital display, accurately control to 0.1°C. Automatically start cooling or heating for constant temperature. Return difference the lowest 0.1. Can set delay to start cooling or heating, with indicators. High/low temperature alarm settings.


Temperature Measurement Range: -50-990°C. Control Range: -40-100°C Resolution: 0.1°C(-9.9~99.9°C), 1°C(Other Ranges) Accuracy: 0.1°C Refresh Rate: 0.5s Input Power: DC/AC 12V Measurement Input: NTC(3950-10K 1%) Waterproof Type Sensor Output: 2 Channel Relay Output Environment: -10~60°C, Humidity: 20%-85% PCB Board Size: 78 * 51mm / 3.07 * 2in PCB Board Weight: 52g / 1.85oz Package Size: 13 * 7 * 2.5cm / 5.12 * 2.75 * 0.98in Package Weight: 87g / 3.09oz