MS2108 Mastech

MS2108 Mastech

MS2108 Mastech in Microsolution Hallroad Lahore


In line with GB / T 13978-92 General technical requirements of digital multimeter

In line with GB4793.1-1995 (IEC-61010-1) Safety requirements for electronic measuring instruments

Belong to two pollution, over-voltage standard CAT III 600V

INRUSH (surge) measurement function

Frequency measurement function clamp

Clamp head lighting function

Automatic / manual range

Data Hold

Max / Min Measurement

Off test

Diode test

Maximum jaw opening size: Φ26mm

Automatic shutdown / background light

AC voltage / current True RMS measurement

Display: maximum display number 660


Technical Parameters:


Technical Parameters:

DC Current: 66A / 600A ± 3.0%

AC current: 66A / 600A ± 3.0%

DC voltage: 660mv / 6.6v / 66v / 600V ± 0.8%

AC voltage: 660mv / 6.6v / 66v / 600V ± 1.0%

Resistance: 660Ω / 6.6kΩ / 66kΩ / 660kΩ / 6.6MΩ ± 1.0%; 66MΩ ± 2.0%

Capacitance: 6.6μF / 66μF / 660μF ± 4.0%; 6.6mF / 66mF ± 4.0%

Frequency: 10 ~ 10kHz ± 2.0% (measured by the input terminal)

Frequency: 10 ~ 1kHz ± 2.0% (measured by the clamp head)

Duty cycle: 10% ~ 95% ± 3.0%


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MS2108 Mastech in Pakistan Hallroad Lahore

– Perform measurements of inrush current, AC/DC voltage and current, resistance, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, continuity and diode test

– Measuring frequency, AC/DC current, inrush current and duty cycle by clamp
– True root mean square value measuring at AC A and AC V range
– Auto zero function at DCA range
– LCD backlight and clamp lighting bulb
– Provided with one excellent cloth bag for conveniently-carrying
– The meter has both manual range and auto range switching
– Auto power off and low battery indication
– Full overload protection and dual insulation protection
– Over-molding rubber case, shake-proof, skid-proof and good touch-feeling

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