Peltier Module 12710 Price in Pakistan


Peltier Module 12710 Price in Pakistan
What is Peltier 12710 Thermoelectric Cooler Module?

Peltier Module 12710 Price in Pakistan


What is Peltier 12710 Thermoelectric Cooler Module? 


Thermoelectric cooler Peltier can be used in the high-end consumer. 12710 Thermoelectric Cooler Module is also used in the commercial and military-grade applications for extreme performance. It has maximum energy efficiency. Peltier module provides unmatched temperature differential in cooling or heating works. Tec-1 12710 Peltier module offers 68-degree centigrade Tmax at a maximum operating temperature of 138-degree centigrade.


Applications of 12710:


It is ideal for performance PC applications. These are tested to cool CPUs and GPUs to extreme temperatures when used in conjunction with 12V PSU rails and it also optimized CPU heat sinks.

It has a precision temperature management that allows for use in temperature-sensitive food refrigeration applications which requiring exacting cooling and heating.

It is also approved for use in commercial transport. It is also applied to manage DTmax temperatures of up to 68-degree centigrade.

It is stabilized volatile temperatures with ease and efficiency. When it is paired with a precision control module.

It is also used in research laboratories, universities or any precision temperature control situation and its range is up to 68-degree centigrade. TEC-1 pelites provide unparalleled control.

It is also trusted in thousands of medical and photonic systems applications. TEC-1 Peltier modules offer premier precision temperature control.


Specifications of Peltier:


It is a ceramics thermoelectric cooler module TEC-1 12710.

It can be used in the refrigerator.

It can also be used as a portable cooling car box.

It is used in liquid cooling.

It is also used in temperature stabilizer.

It is vibration-free and noise-free.

It is a solid-state.

We should use a heat sink with it.

It is a long life.

It is slim and compact.


Specific Parameters of Thermoelectric Cooler Module:


Its weight is 31g.

Its resistance is 1.08 Ohm.

Its material is Al203 which is aluminum oxide.

Its wire length is 150mm.

Its wire size is 18AWG.

Its design is without silicone sealed

Its maximum temperature is 138-degree centigrade.

Its maximum voltage is 15.4V.

Its maximum current is 10.5A.

Its PN junction is 127 couples.

Its size is 40 x 40 x 3.3mm


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