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PIC Strawberry Microcontroller Development Board | Lahore


  1. Microchip PIC18F4550 Microcontroller (You can use other pin compatible controllers as well)
  2. USB connector for USB based communication
  3. Comes pr-programmed with USB Bootloader so that it can be programmed using USB cable only
  4. On board external Power supply with 5Vregulator
  5. All I-O lines available through headers along with5Vsupply
  6. I2C EEPROM 24C64 (Or 24C08,24C16,24C32etc)
  7. One programmable push switch
  8. Two programmable LED indicators
  9. In Circuit Serial Programming Header (Microchip Standard)
  10. Dual power supply (USB as well as External)
  11. USB communication lines, USB power, switch,LEDs and I2CEEPROM all can be connected and disconnected to microcontroller through DIP switch
  12. International standard FR4 double sided plated through hole PCB
  13. small size, 3.5 x 2.5 inches


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