Soldering Iron Stand in Pakistan

Soldering Iron Stand Microsolution Hallroad Lahore

Heavy duty metal base featuring a reinforced spring holder.

  • Rugged design
  • Incl. cleaning sponge
  • Suitable for all soldering irons

Technical data

  • Height 160 mm
  • Width 86 mm
  • Length 129 mm
Technical Specification
Supplied complete with cleaning sponge.



Soldering Iron Stand | Lahore


For all 30w,40w and 60watt soldering iron.
This is a simple soldering iron stand composed of a heavy-duty metal base and a reinforced spring holder. The base and holder are detachable. A circular cleaning sponge, which has a nice home at the bottom of the base, is not included.
Package include:
1xSoldering Iron Stand