UNI-T UT658 USB Tester in Pakistan


UNI-T UT658 USB Tester in Pakistan

UNI-T UT658 USB Tester Microsolution Hallroad Lahore.

UNI-T UT658 USB Tester is used to inspect USB charger and portable power source of electronics products. UT658 can output voltage, current, and power. Users can also use this device to monitor charging status of any USB powered device. UNI-T UT658 is now available in Pakistan. Moreover, It has two connections, one is input and other is output.

Specifications Range Remark
Input Voltage Range (V) 3V-9V If higher than 9V, display OL
Voltage Resolution 0.01V
Voltage Monitoring Accuracy ±1%
Current Monitoring Range (A) 0A~3A If higher than 3A, display OL
Current Monitoring Accuracy ±(1%±2) Lower than 500mA:±3, (a% Reading+b Number)
Current Resolution 0.01A If lower than 50mA, display 0.00
Capacity 0~9999mAH If higher than 9999, display OL
Capacity Data Storage 10 sets
Display LCD Backlight
Warning Higher than 5.3V lower than 4.7V
Contamination Level 2
Working Temperature 0℃∽40℃
Storage Temperature -10℃∽50℃
Relative Humidity <75%

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