Zhudele Dual-Way Counter Interphone in Pakistan

Zhudele Dual-Way Counter Interphone in Microsolution Hallroad Lahroe

Key Featuers:

▶ Ideal for the bank. securities. hospital. bus station etc.
▶ Where guard glass again theft is installed.
▶ Main unit is made of luxurious aluminum alloy and internal microphone for extension.
▶ One-wire connection and simple installation.
▶ High quality speaker for main unit and extension.
▶ High sensitive microphone. Longer metal tube microphone for dual-way intercommunication.
▶ Adjustable volume with separate switch.




Zhudele Dual-Way Counter Interphone In Lahore



  1. Auto dual_way intercommunication without pressing any buton
  2. Anti interference and noise-free function
  3. Dual-way audio record output


Auto dual way intercommunication without pressing any button (1)Operating voltage /1000ma (2)output PowerPC (3)frequency response 100Hz-12k Hz (4)Desktop unit dimensionless (5)Wall mount unit dimensionless